Chipping Away

I’m a lucky individual.  I grew up in a stable household with two parents that loved me.  I never doubted that love or that security.  I have two loving sisters with whom I still place great trust and hold great admiration.  My family continues to be amongst the most favorite people I’ve ever known.

I’m a blessed individual.  My parents example helped me pick a perfect mate and the love they parented deep into me now keeps me focused to work to be a caring spouse and loving parent to my children.  Note that I said “work” as in a “work in progress.”  My parents example proved to me that it was worthwhile and rewarding work.

Bouncing on Papa J's knee.

Bouncing on Papa J’s knee.

The picture I have posted here is of my father with my firstborn son in 2008.  Dad had already been living with cancer since 2004.  It was because of experimental treatment funded by efforts at the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Center at Duke that he was able to live with an incredibly agressive cancer for almost five years.   18 months of that time he was in remission.  The treatment he received gave him time. It gave us more precious time with him.

Cancer took my father from this world far earlier than he should have gone.  Dad passed away on June 19th, 2009.  He fought to the end, until he knew it was time to turn and go home.  I’m so grateful for the time we had.  I’m so blessed to have been given that time.  But, I confess, I wanted more.  I miss my father, especially those times when I need advice that I know only he could have given.

We’re lucky individuals.  We live in a time when the prospect of finding a cure for cancer is real.  And we can be a part of making it happen.  Once again this year I’m raising money for the Angels Among Us 5K and Family Fun Walk.  The money raised goes directly for finding a cure for brain cancer.  All donations chip away at the wall that keeps us from the knowledge of the cure.  Finding a cure means providing more time with our loved ones, it means more life and more living. That’s worth fighting for.  Won’t you join me?

To donate to the Angels Among Us 5K and Family Fun Walk simply follow the links in this post.  Thank you for your help.